Do LED Grow Lights Really Work?

Due to the fact that these LED grow lights are new to the market,a lot of people feel hesitated while purchasing them. The hesitation is the outcome of either the lack of knowledge about how they are used or can be the confusion if these really work or not. Let me make this very straight for you then. These LED grow lights really sustain growth in the plants which can be proved by the fact that even NASA uses these lights to support horticulture within their labs or indoor gardening areas. Many similar enthusiasts also have shared their beautiful experiences with the use of such LED grow lights on the internet ( so you can also read them for reliability issues).

If you have already used them but did not get what you wanted , then it’s not the fault of the LEDs, Infact, if was you who failed up to set them properly and within recommended requirements. This is obvious that you must attain basic knowledge about how to use them properly first and then should move on purchasing these products. Without any specific knowledge,it is completely useless to use such appliances.

What Happens With Improper Knowledge?

Half knowledge is always dangerous , no matter what it is related with. A gardener must have proper knowledge about where to place these lights to cover maximum coverage area, the distance between the plants and the lights, how much water to be given to these plants and how much nutrition does they need to be added from outside. Anyone aware of all these things can easily achieve better yields than just normal. So, attain proper knowledge before practising them out.


When Do These Lights Give Their Best Performance?

These lights yield the best results when they are met up with their exact working conditions.For,e.g., Proper distance ( between plants and the light) as per the intensity required by the plants, continuous electric supply ( for they are sometimes needed to be operational for 12-16 hours on an average) , mid temperature ranges , better ventilation facilities within the closet and heat sinking equipment provided within themselves. If these conditions are fulfilled , then they can perform the best they are designed for.

Why Do People Think They Are Not Workable?

HPS lights were formerly used for supporting indoor growth. They overall were efficient for supporting horticulture and other similar practices but then LED grow lights overtook their presence. LEDs at the first instance are looked upon as a delicate device which can not bear fluctuations in the input supply. So they are supposed to fail under considerable fluctuations in the supply. This is not so in the case of LED grow lights , means they can bear certain fluctuations. Secondly, there was a misconception that these LEDs could not produce the same level of illumination as HPS lights do. This was also cleared later. So, basically these are workable, and their performance is even much better than the lights we used to work with.

These LEDs are just electronic devices ; they need human interference to work in the best possible way. If human efforts are given 100% to them , then these lights too can yield the maximum from what you want. So stop following conventions and start to enjoy the new technology.

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